Revolutionizing Radar

What is GhostWave Inc.?

GhostWave Inc. is a startup radar technology company in Columbus, Ohio.

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Automotive Solutions

ADAS Radars Immune to Interference

Our Mission

We are focused on providing ADAS radars with two strategic technologies. The first is immunity from mutual interference. GhostWave’s patented technology is a RF Noise radar system that will support Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and collision avoidance without being impacted by jamming or interference from electronic devices. The second technology is a vehicle obstacle warning radar. GhostWave’s radars discriminate between high priority (trashcans, animals, pedestrians, etc.) and low priority (potholes curbs, etc.) objects.

Our Two Technologies

Vehicle Obstacle Warning

Radar Systems using RF Noise Technology

  • Flexibility allows placement behind fascia of bumpers
  • No more aesthetically unappealing sensors
  • Safety features of radar

RF Noise Radar System

Vehicle Detection Benefits

  • Immune from interference of neighboring radars
  • Does not interfere with other radars
  • Works in low-light and night-time conditions
  • Works in most inclement weather conditions
  • Works through foliage

About Us

Dean Zody

  • CEO GhostWave Inc.
  • BS Engineering Physics and MBA from The Ohio State University.
  • Dean has 20 years experience working in Telecom for Lucent Technologies/Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia
  • Alcatel-Lucent Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Dr. Eric Walton

  • RF Noise patent inventor and co-patent inventor of the Array Radar.
  • Eric is a retired professor at The Ohio State University, has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and is currently an Electromagnetic Consultant.

Dr. Wladimiro Villarroel

  • Professor at The Ohio State University with a PhD in Electrical Engineering, MBA and a law degree.
  • Dr. Villarroel’s experience includes antenna research in the automotive industry.
  • Additionally, Dr. Villarroel has worked at AGC Automotive leading R&D projects focused on sensing and antennas.

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